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The Heating & Energizing America Trade Show (HEAT Show) heads to the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Ledyard, CT, September 13-15, 2021. Join your heating and energy colleagues and associates for one of the year's first live trade shows featuring in-person meetings, networking, education, high-tech equipment demos, the return of the NEFI Legends Awards Dinner , and our.

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include a description of the right-of-way to be abandoned, and the reason for the abandonment. When the highway, or a part thereof to be abandoned, upon or along which there shall be any buildings, there must be at least seven freeholders (a husband and wife count as one) in the township signing the petition and a list of current owners . and.

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Filing an Abandoned Vehicle Lien. For vehicles that have been unclaimed on a landowner's property for 30 days, an unclaimed notice (LT-260 form) must be filed with the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles . Once the unclaimed notice has been processed (typically 30 days), an LT-262 form can be filed to declare intent to sell the vehicle..

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Plans for a circumferential freeway, I-291, date to the late 1950s. Existing roadways in the area were US 6 (the Colt Highway and New Britain Avenue) intersecting Route 71 at a rotary at Corbins Corner. By 1962 the alignments of I-84 and I-291 were well defined in the area, and there was a plan for the state’s first four-level stack interchange.